Educated Guests

Four fine scholars, in a row:
Three said, “Yes!” but one said, “No!”
The narrative here, in his telling:
The evidence is not compelling.

Turley’s his name; he impressed me –
Even though the man confessed he
Cast his vote, in opposition,
For another politician.

He said everyone is angered;
Members of his household gang were.
Even Turley’s goldendoodle
Had expressed her disapproval.

Not one crime has been committed.
(Although, later, he admitted
If a quid pro quo is provable,
That would then make me removable.)

Turley’s other noted cohorts
Said no need to wait for slow courts;
Evidence is more than ample:
Constitution has been trampled.

Every one of these four scholars
Tried to bring poise to this squalor.
But the one I thought did best was
He in whom the Dems had less trust.

Just more hoaxes that await me.
(Nancy says she doesn’t hate me;
Offers prayers. I don’t believe her –
Since I never do it, either.)

Nancy had a nervous fit,
And I don’t see what purpose it
Will serve. These articles won’t save her:
Senate’s stacked deep in my favor.

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