Food Scamps

You wanna eat? You gotta work.
It’s common sense; don’t go berserk.
If you’re an able-bodied person
Get a job – that’s my assertion.

If you’re someone who’s able-bodied,
Work at tasks not labeled “hobby.”
Pull yourself up by the bootstraps;
Nourishment will come from food scraps.

SNAP is all about nutrition;
I use it as ammunition:
Going after folks on welfare,
Cutting down the ranks that dwell there.

People just above the baseline
Income level (won’t displace mine)
Soon will have assistance taken.
Hello, ramen – goodbye, bacon.

I am all about states’ rights, but
USDA’s plan cites cuts
To save our nation several billion –
If some bellies we stop fillin’.

Changes here involve analyses,
Even though they’re tied to fallacies.
Claims of large-scale welfare fraud
Should go back on the shelf – they’re flawed.

Food – for most, beloved enjoyment –
Now gets tied up with employment.
The health of poor folks this plan hurts –
As I serve them un-just desserts.

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