Incoherent Revolve

Guess who’s back? It’s ISIS!
I wonder if this news surprises.
I bragged that we had beat ‘em…
Perhaps an incomplete whim.

I said I’d pull the troops out,
Attempting to reduce doubt
Regarding a resurgence –
Ignoring those who urged sense.

And then I quickly backtracked,
Since safeguarding this vast tract
Has proved to be more daunting
Since ISIS keeps on taunting.

There’s been a brief hiatus;
We hope the Kurds don’t hate us.
(We gave up ground to Turkey;
Relationship is murky.)

Through several plans I’ve shuffled,
With many feathers ruffled,
And now this latest hiccup –
The fighting pace will pick up.

My maladroit approach here
Has led to much reproach. We’re
Saying now there is no end date –
Bad for me? We’ll see… and then wait.

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