Shame Of Command

You’re seeing that more times
I’m pardoning war crimes.
I chose to restore rank;
Morale among corps sank.

With SEALs under scrutiny –
A leadership mutiny.
And things in the Army
Have gotten quite barmy

While I never served, I
Have clearly unnerved by
Reversing decisions
Among troop divisions.

I’m doing my small share
Since, in war, it’s all fair.
(And please – do not mention
Geneva Convention.)

What others call knavery,
I think of as bravery.
What I have discussed is
An end-run ‘round justice.

There may be some better ones
Than these naughty veterans,
But I’ve thrown my lot in
With rogues misbegotten.

I kept myself distant,
Avoiding enlistment.
But now that I’m older
I love to play soldier.

To whom am I panderin’?
Since I’m Chief, Commander-in-
It’s not that perplexing:
My muscles I’m flexing.

The title I lust for
Involves more than just war.
I’d prefer all of you say,
“Here comes Trump: Il Duce.”

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