Nikki? Hokey.

Nikki Haley made the rounds, claiming she provided backing.
(Funny that she wrote a book – since it seems a spine she’s lacking.)
Tillerson, and Kelly, too, (through claims she’s made, not quite refuted)
Asked if she’d help save the country; she said, “Nope!” when they recruited.

She says if you disagree then you should not incite subversion;
Tell the POTUS to his face (a surely-doomed-to-fail excursion).
To undermine the President is really very dangerous;
She’d rather we discussed it over tea, which she’d arrange for us.

Nikki is establishing her bona fides; not a “yes man” –
Even though the sum of what she claims to be is somewhat less than.
Now she’s making clear she thinks impeachment is a rank non-starter.
She’s portraying me as I prefer (she has my thanks): as martyr.

Rumor has it Nikki will step in for Mike Pence on the ticket,
Elbowing him out to further her aims. Some say that’s not cricket:
Stepping over others while pursuing utter domination.
Works for me – since that’s how I became the leader of this nation.

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