Baloney Sandwich

Ivanka has created jobs, as never before seen:
The number’s in the millions; it’s preceded by 14.
What’s that you say? Those are not jobs, but training opportunities?
With this exaggeration, some say I’ve leapt into lunacy.

Perhaps not 14 million, but I’m pretty sure it’s close to that.
A gross exaggeration – but you know I’m not opposed to that.
That girl’s a job creator (though last year she closed her fashion house).
And doesn’t she look lovely when she stands next to her ashen spouse?

The economy is booming, and my efforts are the reason why.
It barely leaves the time so I can cite people for treason. I’ve
Made a lot of false assertions, all untethered to reality –
I’m not concerned with truthfulness, decorum or legality.

Some people think my focus on Ivanka is unnatural.
Lost count of my obsessions… Jesus Christ, I’ve got a satchel full.
And if I’ve left you, by the way I mangle all these facts, concerned –
Just wait until the day at last you get to see my tax returns.

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