Baghdadi Issues

All canines are dogs, but some dogs are not canines:
I told the whole planet, with that syllogism,
The details of how al-Baghdadi was slain: cryin’,
Screaming and whimpering. No one will miss him.

The death of the leader of ISIS – enormous!
Much bigger than killing the head of al-Qaeda.
Top Dems were left out: “But you did not inform us.”
As far as a spectacle goes, this was quite a.

To see this assault was like watching a movie.
We sat in the Sit-Room; the Army then showed a
Hi-def feed of all of the action to prove he
Was dead. All we needed was popcorn and soda.

I made claims regarding Baghdadi’s comportment,
With some people questioning how this was known to me.
Maybe I managed to have a report sent –
The K-9 who cornered him called on the phone, you see.

I wrote a book, quite successful; a treatise
In which I foretold the attack by Osama
Bin Laden. I wrote no one else knows who he is.
He’s dead now – with no thanks to Cheatin’ Obama.

Since I came to office – now coming on three years –
I said, “Where’s Baghdadi? I want a marquee name.”
As I lust for credit, it’s one of my key fears:
We’d kill some jihadis – but each one would be lame.

As far as the internet, ISIS is smart
(But not smarter than me, since web browsers I’ve mastered).
Despite that, Baghdadi was still was blown apart.
I’d show you on YouTube – but don’t know my password.

Baghdadi is dead – but will ISIS resurge now?
The question, say experts, is not “if” but “when.”
I hope that the Turks and some others will learn how
To crush them – before they can strike us again.

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