Taylor Made Me

Pompeo brought Bill Taylor back
To serve as our man in Ukraine.
But now I’m going to give him flak:
Attack his virtue for my gain.

Bill served with honor and prestige
For decades, always ethically –
But now that I am under siege
I’ll come at him frenetically.

Do-Nothing Democrats pursue
A war on our great Constitution.
My words and actions – misconstrued.
My guilt (they say): foregone conclusion.

And every day they are parading
Witnesses who contradict me.
Evidence keeps on cascading;
Testimony may convict me.

Unelected bureaucrats;
Testimony held in secret.
Exposé du jour, so that
More havoc: surely gonna wreak it.

I can’t focus on the facts,
And so the process I’ll assault.
Every tweet I send distracts;
Misdirection’s my gestalt.

A coordinated smear campaign,
With hearsay and selected leaks.
How long do you think I’ll remain
In office? Months, or maybe weeks.

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