Flaunting Taunts

Nervous Nancy had a meltdown in the White House yesterday;
She jumped up as if I’d tried to grab… uh, accost her in some way.
She proclaimed my plans for Syria were nothing more than goals.
As she stormed out of our meeting, I yapped, “See you at the polls.”

I rejected every single thing she had to say, in toto.
As she stood up to assert herself, somebody snapped a photo.
I tweeted it as evidence that Nancy’s mood had worsened,
While suggesting we should pray for her, since she’s a real sick person.

In an effort to display there’s not a thing they could get past me,
I pulled out a recent letter; told the Dems that it was nasty.
In that letter, I suggested I would call Erdoğan’s bluff – I
Used the best words (of third-graders) when I said, “Don’t be a tough guy!”

When Chuck Schumer brought up Mattis, I called Mad Dog overrated
Since his plan to capture ISIS meant ’twas two years we’d have waited.
Whereas I got rid of ISIS in a month, hence I succeeded.
I told Nancy to her face I hated ISIS more than she did.

Nancy stood in front of microphones, and then she started makin’ up
Atrocious lies, by saying I’m the person who was shaken up,
Because of those Republicans who’d voted to express their
Opposition to my Kurdish actions. (They can shove it – guess where?)

I was measured and decisive, also factual; I stayed cool
When I called Nancy a politician only fit for grade school.
She said all roads lead to Putin before she commenced to movin’. While
I’ve ridiculed her mental state – it’s clear that mine is juvenile.

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