Ally? Oops!

The Kurds helped us fight against ISIS;
The SDF brought in great clout.
But now, with this new Turkish crisis,
I think we should stay the hell out.
The Kurdish, although they were allies,
And with our men fought side by side,
Mistakenly thought we were pals. I
Plan to let that relationship slide.

Besides, they’ve not always been stalwarts;
At Normandy – they were invisible.
Back then they were no action, all words.
(That comment my critics found risible.)
But what have they done for us lately?
I mean, except help crush an enemy.
Now both parties choose to berate me,
Since I’m not the friend I pretend to be.

Right after I spoke with the head Turk,
I pulled our guys out in a hurry.
Should they remain safe, or instead lurk
As Turkish bombs rain down in fury?
Of course, if those troops remained steadfast,
Then Turkey might not have invaded.
Our standing with Kurds went to dead last,
As fragile peace quickly degraded.

I made a choice, guided by wisdom –
And also by Erdoğan’s wishes.
Seems most think I’m underneath his thumb;
Too eager to fall for his pitches.
I said: “No more wars that are endless,”
And so made a hasty decision.
But if this means we are left friendless…
Perhaps I need more supervision.

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