I’ve got nothing to hide, therefore nothing to show.
Your inquiry process I won’t undergo.
I don’t give a shit you’re a co-equal branch.
I’m betting you’ll blink before you see me blanch.

I’ve broken the law here – I’ve all but admitted it,
Yet now I make claims your attempt’s illegitimate.
You think with these efforts that you’ll make a fool of me,
But I say your effort here begs incredulity.

A right to due process – I wrongly make that claim.
And who blew the whistle? I sure want the rat’s name.
The inquiry process is strictly political.
(That screed from my lawyer? OK, let’s admit it’s dull.)

The codes for impeachment are found to be less acute
Than those in a courtroom: judge, jury, (gulp…) execute.
The standards are different, but I will ignore that.
So if there’s a hearing, I won’t take the floor at.

Your motive is clear here, you want to reverse
The election I won fair and square – that’s perverse.
Of course, in my world the word fair’s definition’ll
Make your head spin, and it’s also conditional.

So what you are asking for, I will refuse you.
Cooperate here? Pretty clear I won’t choose to.
My strategy here: sit and wait out the clock, you see –
Regardless of what harm it does to democracy.

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