Pompous And Circumstances

Mitt Romney is a pompous ass.
Then – condemnation from Ben Sasse.
And Collins wouldn’t give a pass:
“Completely inappropriate.”

Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin lad,
Suggested, at first, he was mad –
Then said I’d told him, “You’ve been had!”
My ire, he could not cope with it.

The GOP’s not found their voice,
With others yet to share their choice.
They seem afraid to criticize – noice!
Re-election is their opiate.

You cross me? My response: scorched earth.
The facts as I rebut? A dearth.
My party gives me a wide berth,
Along with known associates.

More whistleblowers come to light;
That just means I’ll ramp up the fight.
I might get off scot-free, despite
My coziness with Soviets.

The Dems have got the votes they need,
But with McConnell in the lead
Acquittal’s all but guaranteed:
Those Senators are closely knit.

Yet as the truth keeps on emerging,
Public sentiment’s converging:
Voters pushing for my purging –
Could that happen? Holy shit.


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