Elements Of A Perfect Phone Call

To make a perfect phone call: first, you dial the country code.
Next, offer admiration for a victory bestowed.
Remind the other person of the debt that you are owed,
Then intimate a favor (so you won’t be quid pro quo’d).

Be careful with your language, and a little bit obtuse,
To guard against rogue listeners whose lips, perhaps, are loose.
Don’t spell out what you’re asking for; just let your friend deduce.
Your words, if they are twisted, could be fashioned as a noose.

I’ll offer one suggestion: you had best stay off the speaker.
You never know who in the room may prove to be a leaker.
When Rudy Giuliani is your personal truth-seeker,
Be careful: his defense may make your prospects look much bleaker.

The thing that you must guard against is one who blows the whistle;
The law sure makes it difficult to mandate their dismissal.
This really isn’t treason, but it’s certain you will bristle
If it leads to your impeachment — which the polls suggest that this’ll.

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