Desperate Times Calling

Don’t dare criticize my children, who’ve become my pride and joy.
But that doesn’t mean I can’t go after V.P. Biden’s boy.
I keep making accusations backed by one corrupt Ukrainian,
But facts don’t seem to line up; I mislead as I’m explaining them.

I’ve admitted to most everything the whistleblower stated.
The concern? Our nation’s interests and my own become conflated.
I promote thoughts of “corruption” as if I were not the one who
Tries to spark a public flogging to put Biden and his son through.

I allude to Hunter’s issues with cocaine while in the Navy,
Hoping allegations like this, in the long run, just might save me.
I say chats between the Biden men should lead to their undoing,
But, of course, I’ve never asked my sons how my business is doing.

I say Ukraine offered Kool-Aid, and that both the Bidens drank it –
But my discharged campaign manager was known to share a blanket
With a former Ukraine president; the two of them were cozy.
The odor from their dealings you’d be hard-pressed to call “rosy.”

I recall that, in the old days, spies were put to death for treason.
So this whistleblower surely is corrupt: he had a reason
Behind filing his complaint and bringing this unwelcome scrutiny.
It’s just one more Left Wing, Deep State, Democrat attempt at mutiny.

If today were the election, I would lose – that’s what the polls say.
So I’ll go real hard at Joe and Hunter Biden and the roles they
Never played here, making bogus claims regarding judgment lapsing.
I’ll do anything to keep my venal empire from collapsing.

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