Betraying The Oaf Of Office

Pelosi says — finally — time to inquire.
The question to ask Nervous Nancy is: “Why’re
You hell-bent on getting me kicked out of office?”
Her steely resolve is now making me nauseous.

Joe Biden’s corrupt and his son is, too (Hunter) —
Despite doing nothing wrong. Therefore some wonder
What facts am I using to cast these aspersions?
(I trust no one thinks I’m creating diversions.)

This scandal’s unfolding at lightning-fast speed.
The Dems in agreement as how to proceed.
And Adam Schiff says he’s secured the allegiance
Of someone who witnessed my acts of malfeasance.

The next couple weeks may confirm the appearance,
As far as the law goes, of my inadherence.
And yet — despite crisis, I still wouldn’t let a
Split-second pass by before mocking young Greta.

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