Promises In The Dark

Do you hear that whistle blowing? Is the frequency too high?
I can make it out, since no one else can hear as good as I.
An alarm has now been sounded, triggered by urgent concern about
Some conversations I’ve had which I don’t want folks to learn about.

Is there anyone that’s dumb enough to think that it’s improper
For the POTUS to make deals with foreign leaders? That’s a whopper.
Sure – I chatted with Zelenskyy; he’s the neophyte whose reign
Was then just getting underway as he took over in Ukraine.

Did I make that guy a promise? If I did, was that so wrong?
If it gets me something in return, it’s good to get along.
In Ukraine there is a history of corruption, so I merely
Shared some tips about malfeasance – which I’m expert at, quite clearly.

Someone overheard our conversation; thought it was unnerving.
Speculation I requested dirt on Biden (that’s self-serving).
If Zelenskyy wouldn’t play along, reports say it’s alleged
I’d withhold millions in planned military aid that we had pledged.

Then someone in Intelligence, who must be highly partisan,
Complained to the IG (I’d like to punch that little smart-ass). When
The IG ruled it credible; that meant it met a standard
Meaning Congress shall be notified (so what if I’ve been slandered?).

Despite the legal process, looks like others got involved –
So the path this should have taken now quite oddly’s gotten stalled.
When Little Adam Schiff compelled the IG to disclose it
He was told “someone above” ruled there was no need to expose it.

While all the facts regarding this are yet to be determined,
That did not stop Giuliani from his latest TV turn, and
His appearance (unsurprisingly) just stirred up more confusion.
Seems a good time to remind you: NO OBSTRUCTION! NO COLLUSION!

Of course I’ve started tweeting; my response is: if you ask me,
It’s another Left Wing, Deep State, Democrat plot to harass me.
Yet somehow it appears I’m only comfortable campaigning when
There’s foreign interference; first, the Russians – now Ukrainian.

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