Lest Ye Be Judged

Not all Hispanics have brown skin – apparently, they come in hues.
I’ve just been told that some could pass for white.
I thought their dark complexion was something God-given to use
To sneak across the border late at night.

But recently, down at a rally – a supporter of mine, who is pale,
Caused a double-take with his ethnicity.
I thought that he looked very WASP-y, right down to the smallest detail:
I questioned his Hispanic authenticity.

You know I’m concerned with skin color – I judge people based on complexion.
It helps me pigeonhole who they support.
Are they GOP or Democrat? I guess at their selection.
It guides me when I choose who to deport.

No one loves Hispanics more deeply – not even their cherished abuela;
I’ve done more for those people than all prior.
I may even give some protection to illegals (just from Venezuela).
Such pandering means more votes I acquire.

“Funny, but you don’t look Jewish!” For many a joke, that’s the gag.
But point out ethnic features – that’s a slight sin.
I can’t be concerned with what’s PC; to care I’m offending’s a drag.
(sigh) Deep down I wish that everyone had white skin.

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