Irritable Disavowal Syndrome

Look out, Iran – I may do something dastardly.
Your Ayatollah is really a bastard; he
Gave his approval for launching those drones.
I’ve got many options for making my bones.

My friend Lindsey Graham says this was a war act;
That sanctions aren’t working and he thinks it’s more apt
To increase aggression; retreat from that blundered plan.
I said I’m showing strength nobody understands.

An “act of war,” says my main man Mike Pompeo,
But I won’t do anything just on his say-so.
I’m waiting to see what the Crown Prince believes I
Should do. Would he hoodwink me? I can’t conceive why.

Now we have words from Iran’s Foreign Minister:
He’s made some threats I consider quite sinister.
He said our soldiers we’ll all say goodbye to.
(Must say: he speaks English better than I do.)

Saudis spent billions on US-made weaponry –
Best in the world! Well, perhaps one discrepancy:
Seems the alerts and defense systems slept while
Their enemies launched some low-flying projectiles.

Deciding which option will be implemented
Will happen once blame here is firmly cemented.
I’m rather weak on all things geopolitical –
So far, my response best described as “equivocal.”

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