Tali-banish The Thought

Sometimes I need to take advice,
Relying on a trusted source.
And – so there’s no need to think twice –
I get it from myself, of course.

I don’t know anyone who’s wiser,
Smarter, sharper, or more able.
I’m my Number One Advisor.
As a genius, I’m quite stable.

Facts? I will into existence.
Insights? I have got a lotta.
There’s not one who can outdistance
My medulla oblongata.

I thought, “Hey – let’s hold a meeting.”
Told my people to create it.
Word got out, I took a beating:
Told myself to terminate it.

Clear the room of those advising
Actions I should take; forget it.
This you will not find surprising:
I prefer to take the credit.

You won’t find someone more knowing;
My IQ’s among the highest.
My own brilliance I keep crowing.
Then again, I may be biased.

About my brains, I’m nonchalant;
Not often thought to be that witty, but
Otherwise, I’m a savant
(No need for you to mention “idiot”).

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