Mess O’ Americans

I said I was gonna make Mexico pay,
And that is what’s happening now, in a way:
For Central Americans seeking asylum,
If they don’t ask Mexico first – we’ll deny ‘em.

I think they’ll find Mexico has much to offer;
The transition to a new life they’ll find softer.
An easier time in expressing their anguish
Conversing with others who speak the same language.

The concept of coming to our land you’re stuck to –
But you should consider some others you’ve trucked through:
Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador
Can be “safe third countries”; they’re not ones you shall ignore.

The people who trundle here from Nicaragua
May bring other values, and not share our dogma.
Whereas, if they settle with other Hispanics,
They’ll find other like-minded with whom they can mix.

I’m taking the concept of “credible fear,”
And, although some find it regrettable, we’re
Gonna use some new standards that I have now ordered,
Denying the claim: “If sent back, I’ll be tortured.”

What’s said in these interviews sure sounds rehearsed,
So now, other countries must turn you down first.
You’ll have to wade through quite a bit of bureaucracy
Before you can set foot in our great democracy.

Regarding our border, we must be protective –
And so, going forward, we’ll be more selective.
The land of the free’s where your family expects to go,
But odds are you’ll just have to settle for Mexico.

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