I’ve Resigned Myself

(John Bolton)
I offered to quit; he said, “Let’s talk tomorrow.”
But then the next day POTUS tweeted he’d fired me.
He said my opinions had brought him much sorrow –
I’m not sure what’s different from back when he hired me.

I told Donald Trump he should not be pursuing
A parley condoning the Taliban speaking.
I said, “Bad idea,” and it proved my undoing.
Well, that – and my penchant for unnamed-source leaking.

Positions I staked out were thought to be hawkish;
I tore into all those with whom I debated.
If someone sheds tears over this, that’s just mawkish.
Did you see Pompeo’s reaction? Elated!

So don’t cry for me; I’ll go back where I came from:
On Fox News, and speeches (just see how my fees range)
Without being censored, or have to abstain from
My frenzied opinions that call for regime change.

Some words of advice for the next fool who comes up:
Trump starts out beside you, but then takes a new route.
Beware when the President flashes his thumbs up;
I think at least one of them’s stuck in my poop chute.

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