SNAP Decision

The problem with the poor is, many like to take advantage:
You give them something free – they’ll game the system.
You tell ‘em, “Get a job!” and yet that’s something they can’t manage;
They’d rather have the government assist them.

So now I am proposing that we try and close a loophole
For people who are barely out of poverty.
Let’s cut off all their food stamps so they cannot fill their soup bowl.
They want to dine on my dime? Man, that bothers me.

It isn’t just the food stamps: also, children get free lunches –
You give some folks an inch, they’ll ask for fish sticks.
These people claim they’re hungry, but I’ll tell you what my hunch is
(Since this move’s not supported by statistics):

Some millionaire in Minnesota managed to get SNAP aid,
So no doubt there’s a whole bunch more abusing.
To thin the ranks of scammers we have got a little trap laid:
We’ll make the application more confusing.

The people who use food stamps never vote for me, regardless
Of how much I keep on thinning out their echelon.
Forget “food insecurity” or how much poor folks are stressed:
It’s my base I must make a good impression on.

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