Rousing My Ireland

Mike Pence went off to Ireland for a meeting with the Taoiseach*
I said, “Best to stay at Doonbeg, and I hope you will agree.” Chalk
This one up to misreporting – it was only a suggestion,
Which Mike’s chief of staff now says should not bring ethics into question.

While it seems a bit peculiar that he’d set up on the west coast
When his meetings were in Dublin, Mike said Doonbeg was the best, most
Unassailable, convenient and secure place he could stay in.
(Mere coincidence I’d profit from his visit – I’m just sayin’.)

But then once there was a dust-up, I denied I’d ever told him
To consider my hotel. I gave his chief of staff a scoldin’.
If Mike Pence decides to fly across the Emerald Isle, that’s his pick.
Don’t blame me for any fallout as it all turned cataclysmic.

And Mike stepped in even more shit when he commented on Brexit:
Seems he did not understand upon the Irish the effects it
Might impose if once again, due to this E.U.-leaving order,
It requires re-imposition of a guarded, hard-stop border.

Never give a pig a cherry – nor advice, it’s said, to fools.
That’s an Irish proverb good to keep in mind as this unspools.
He may claim I pushed for Doonbeg, but I will not cop to that.
May the cat eat you, Mike Pence – and may the devil eat the cat.

*(pronounced, “TEE-shock”)

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