Decree De Cœur

To all of our great companies, I’m ordering hereby:
Start moving out of China, as my tweet has made clear why.
This impacts manufacturing and more, and here’s the thing:
All Chinese takeout joints must now rebrand as Burger King.

I’m dreaming of a world where there is nothing “Made in China” –
Soon Apple will be building all their phones in Carolina;
When Nike will make sneakers here, and Caterpillar, tractors.
Next cast of “Fast & Furious?” All Chinese: they’re bad actors.

I have the power to do this; I can issue a command.
Since I’m the Chosen One, God’s called on me to take this stand.
Word out to all my enemies: Beware! I’m on the prowl.
I’ll punch your lights out, Chairman Xi – and take that, Chairman Powell.

The Dow responded poorly, losing over 2 percent,
But not because of me – it wondered where Seth Moulton went.
The Fake News doesn’t realize my power is unlimited.
(And by the way – on gun control, seems once again I’ve pivoted.)

So, after all my actions had created quite a maelstrom,
I boarded Air Force One to fly where Manny Macron hails from.
I’ll spend the weekend jousting with G7 member nations,
Accusing at least three of currency manipulations.

Even by the standards I have set, I seem erratic.
Speculation once again: behavior’s symptomatic.
My responses manic; matters not what the offense is.
More and more it seems I’ve taken leave of all my senses.

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