Some Very God Behavior

“I am the Chosen One,” I said, as I looked up toward the sky
(In regards to trade with China; I said someone had to do it).
Not Obama, Bush nor Clinton more deserving here than I.
(I compared myself to Jesus, just so you don’t misconstrue it.)

I was called the “King of Israel” – that’s something I retweeted.
It’s a title I was given by some dude who works for Newsmax.
For Blacks and Gays and all our folks for whom a job is needed:
I am good (also for Israel, since there I’ve got the Jews’ backs).

Evangelicals, I’ve heard, may think that I am the Messiah.
Even Billy Graham’s son thinks that the Lord God voted for me.
I’m perhaps the only holy man who’s chosen to deny a
Tryst with many different women – most of all, the one named Stormy.

Yet despite my looming holiness, I’m called anti-Semitic
When accusing Jews who vote for Democrats to be disloyal.
For my effort to attract their votes, seems everyone’s a critic.
So – my aim has missed its mark, as if I were a cross-eyed mohel.

Since revealing my God complex, which is worse than narcissistic,
Any criticisms offered of my stance I’ll now call blasphemy.
It’s the ultimate expression of behavior egotistic,
And the latest situation where my actions make an ass of me.

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