Despot Calls The Kettle Black

All those who criticize me for not censuring white terrorists
Just do not understand – so let me point out what your error is:
The members of Antifa are not Donald Trump promoters;
Those espousing white supremacy are in-my-pocket voters.

So I’ll give consideration to approving nomenclature
Labeling Antifa “terrorists,” or something of that nature.
While there’s no proof anti-fascists have killed anyone, it still takes
A nefarious intention when they toss vanilla milkshakes.

These assaults from alt-left haters can make situations hairy,
Since they never know: a Proud Boy could have allergies to dairy.
There’s been ugliness on both sides, which in my eyes is quite equal:
Alt-left drives strife and dissension; alt-right drives cars over people.

If you’re not sure what “Antifa” is, I’ll summarize it thusly:
Over deeds authoritarian they’re known to raise a fuss. We
Cannot tolerate dissension if it means that I’m the victim,
Therefore “terrorists” I call them. (How ironic is that dictum?)

When I make out that for every yang there is an equal yin, it
Serves to help me deflect criticism, and I try to spin it
To create a false equivalency. I won’t take the blame for
Violent, abhorrent actions based on issues I campaigned for.

Just as long as there’s a chance a voter’s going to pull the lever
That appears next to my name – will I condemn his actions? Never.
But if you call me a “fascist,” then you better bolt as we come
With our rhetoric and policies to compromise your freedom.

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