Back To Cruel

We staged some raids on factories where folks undocumented
Worked. The largest-ever single-state arrests: unprecedented.
But we didn’t notify the schools where all these people’s children
Ended up abandoned – which, for some involved, decreased the thrill, then.

Nearly 700 workers who, without authorization,
Had no business being there, or anyplace, within our nation.
These undocumented immigrants accept low-skill positions
Where our citizens refuse to work in such rancid conditions.

While you’d think the focus of these raids would be upon the owners,
I prefer not to upset them; they’re potential campaign donors.
Plus it’s flashier and carries lots of weight with my supporters
As I try to make good on my campaign pledge regarding borders.

But I really think these raids served as a very good deterrent,
Even if they gave some children nightmares which may be recurrent.
If the parents come illegally, they’re tossed out on their keister.
(But if someone is a single mom, we’ll grudgingly release her.)

I think children are resilient, even those who’ve undergone a
Separation from their parents; it’s a temporary trauma.
Plus a day or two is nothing – unlike all the hoot and holler whence
We ripped families apart under the guise of “zero tolerance.”

Some find it quite upsetting, seeing children in distress.
Yet we persevere with actions just like these, nevertheless.
And regardless of how often our approach is overruled, we
Will continue to enforce these stratagems, all based on cruelty.

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