Losing Its Bluster

I bring folks together through use of my rhetoric.
When they are hurting, it makes them feel better. It
Brings comfort and peace like no other words can.
My grandiloquence you could sure do worse than.

The vivid descriptions I use for Hispanics:
The feelings they bring best described as galvanic.
When I say that migrants have staged an invasion:
There’s no other term that more suits that occasion.

When I say the Squad should go back where they came from:
Reactions of pique and disgust, just to name some.
When I call blacks racist and pin on that label:
A dialogue focused on bias enabled.

When I say the childhood nickname of Beto
Is phony: responses could fill a libretto.
When I say a foe of mine has a low IQ:
It’s my kindly way to convey I don’t like you.

When I say that immigrants plan to supplant us:
I want to ensure we maintain what God grants us.
When I make a joke after someone says, “Shoot them!”
It’s just a humane way for me to refute them.

Many shots fired in El Paso and Dayton;
How will I respond? The whole nation is waitin’.
Do my words resemble that man’s manifesto?
I’ll never admit it, but frankly – I guess so.

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