Use Your Incite Voice

“Hate has no place in our country.”
That is the message I’m sharing –
Unless you decide to confront me.
(My attacks on the Squad were unsparing.)

I now denounce all of the bigots,
All racism and white supremacy.
That guy’s manifesto? Don’t dig it.
His language sounds like mine? Hmm, lemme see…

Hatred is what pulls the trigger,
Then throw in the mix mental illness.
Fake News has made our rage bigger.
(But let’s disregard my own shrillness.)

Video games and the Dark Web:
Blame them – not my innuendo.
Violence will come to a stark ebb
Once we get rid of Nintendo.

I tweeted out an idea:
Have guns and immigrants wedded.
I all but can guarantee a
Trip to the crapper that’s headed.

Cure for this evil contagion?
Five steps that I seem to treasure.
No mention if I’ll engage in
Any new gun control measures.

No pledge from me to refrain from
Whipping up crowds to a frenzy.
I can’t remove all the stain from
Acting as my own worst enemy.

You’ve heard this tap dance before, folks:
Thoughts and prayers part of my credo;
Talk about dashed dreams and your hopes.
(Not sure why I said “Toledo.”)

Words speak more softly than actions;
Proof found in pudding, they tell me.
I will not offer retractions.
Democrats want to expel me.

While I proclaim I have had it –
These shootings our day of reckonin’ –
You know I’ll be right back at it,
Soon as I gather my second wind.

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