Balti-more Of The Same

Anyone who lives somewhere not fit for human beings,
Logically must then be thought as something less than human.
How can that be racist? I don’t see what you are seeing.
Join in my defense here – we can squeeze another few in.

I launched an attack on Democrat Elijah Cummings,
Making claims his district’s poorly run and very filthy.
Also, I suggested he’s corrupt – he *may* have done things.
While awaiting proof of innocence, I’ll call him guilty.

On the heels of picking on the Squad, my latest target:
One more person with a skin tone less than alabaster.
I deny that I embody racism incarnate:
Mueller and Pelosi (they’re both white) – also disasters.

Everything I say somebody’s going to find offensive:
That’s what Mick Mulvaney said while trying to defend me.
That approach makes criticism easy to dispense with;
I’ll strike back at anyone who ventures to condemn me.

You can be a racist without putting on a white hood:
Pair an evil action with another that’s unequal.
Just like Charlottesville – there, people on both sides were quite good.
Blur the lines and obfuscate the issues, this technique will.

If it isn’t clear by now, then let me spell it out here:
Strategy for 2020 based on racial tension.
I’m just getting started; key words: infestation, doubt, fear –
Vote for me and you’re endorsing hatred, by extension.

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