Squad Bellows

There’s no way I am a racist – so let’s put that lie to rest.
When it comes to race relations, clearly I’m the very best.
I know African-Americans and others black and brown.
When I say the “Squad” is Racist, they deserve that dressing-down.

They’re a bunch of troublemakers, who are young and not too smart.
Since they do not love our Country, they are welcome to depart.
They are also inexperienced; they’re weak and insecure.
They’re my target the entire week, and not merely du jour.

I’m trying to tie the four of them, their radical beliefs,
To every single Democrat and give them no relief.
The four of them are very young – while some might say precocious,
The only adjective I plan to stick them with is “socialist.”

Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, AOC –
(That last one I use one name for, although she’s claiming three)
I’ll force Pelosi’s hand and make her publicly embrace them,
While I state their constituents all clamor to replace them.

I have yet to make a statement where I’ve not misrepresented
The positions taken by these four. In fact, I have invented
Quotes and interviews and dialogue that never passed through their lips.
Truth’s not relevant when I can whip a crowd into hysterics.

I’ll continue to insult, deride, disparage and belittle
With such vehemence that from my lips you almost see the spittle.
But don’t label me as racist; that’s inaccurate, despite my
Public comments – since I also hate Bob Mueller, who’s a white guy.

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