Who’s Buried In Chant’s Tomb?

I disapprove of what you say, but I will sure defend
Your right to self-expression up until the very end…
Unless, of course, you criticize our country while I’m ruling;
Go back to where you came from if you do that — I’m not fooling.

“Go back to where you came from” is a well-known racist trope:
I said it – but does that make me a racist? Slippery slope.
I’m not a racist; if I were, I think that I would know.
Just offering directions when I tell you where to go.

Then, at a rally, chants of “Send her back!” quickly erupted.
The narrative of “It’s not racist if…” clearly corrupted.
At first, I chose not to condemn the crowd, then was persuaded –
And made it clear I would not take the blame for words that they said.

You may recall that as the chant erupted I responded
By doing nothing in the wake of all the rage that spawned it.
The best that I could do once critics started their critiquing
Was claim I shut it down by speeding up my rate of speaking.

Attempting to bring clarity to all that had transpired,
I finally admitted that the crowd left me inspired:
Those people all were patriots, “incredible” I labeled them.
Permission to continue racist chants? I have enabled them.

So now I will continue to disseminate invective;
I clearly think the strategy is going to prove effective.
While I leave those debating if I’m racist in my wake,
I’ll make it clear my claim of lacking racist bones is fake.

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