A Racist Bone To Pick

I checked in Gray’s Anatomy – no mention of a “racist” bone,
So therefore I’m correct when I proclaim I never had one.
Despite just being censured for my spiteful and abrasive tone
I claimed it was a great day and would not call it a sad one.

If I can keep the focus on this squad of vicious socialists,
I think it all but guarantees that I’ll be re-elected.
By backing me, the GOP thinks this approach will bolster its
Unspeakable agenda. (Only four of them defected.)

I’ve never met the one who wears the head scarf, from Somalia,
But still I’m going to quote her, even if the facts say elsewise:
She said she loves al-Qaeda, which I’m sure outrages all a’ ya.
I say she’s dropping in the polls – yet I’m the one who tells lies.

The one who used foul language, who now says that I’m a bully; wow…
Remember, she’s the one who said “Impeach the mother(f-word)!”
She’s worthy of my scorn, unhesitatingly and fully now,
The icing on the cake is that she drags her party leftward.

Ayanna Pressley’s on the Squad – and then of course there’s AOC;
In politics it’s clear O-C’s not yet a heavy hitter.
For all the notoriety these women now have – they owe me.
All four together have less followers than I on Twitter.

You know what people do who truly love this country? They accept
For different points of view you’re tolerated – not ejected.
And with these latest tweets it seems across that treasured line I stepped.
I cast aside our values, hoping I’ll be re-elected.

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