Prodding The Squad

Go back to where you came from – which in my case is Jamaica
(That’s the neighborhood in Queens where I was born, in New York City).
All my enemies now think I used a tweet so I could make a
Racist statement about four progressive women – what a pity.

I was only trying to make the point our country is the greatest;
Those who criticize our government with words both loud and vicious
Should be handed travel vouchers, by next Tuesday at the latest,
To return to their home shitholes. Or, at least, that’s what my wish is.

There is absolutely nothing that is racist in me saying
That they use disgusting language, yet they call themselves “progressive”
While the countries they descend from all appear to be decaying.
I am speaking simple truths and don’t know why that’s found aggressive.

Just because I used some phrasing in a manner that’s suggestive
That these women don’t belong here doesn’t mean that I abhor them –
Some traditions in their native lands can even be thought festive!
I’m just saying that they’re Commies, and Pelosi should ignore them.

If you criticize our country, you are always free to leave it.
You can get a U.S. passport or a driver’s license, but no
One who truly loves this land should call me “racist” – don’t believe it.
It is not a sign of prejudice to call a spade a… uh-oh.

Why would I pick on these women? Well, it shouldn’t be a mystery:
To distract from all my failures, and avoid the glare of bright sun.
I’ve made many statements like this, if you just look at my history –
Keeping folks of color out ensures our nation is a white one.

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