Dissension On Detention

If someone showed up to your house unexpectedly, would you then offer to feed them?
Give them some soap and a bed and some toothpaste, just based on them saying they need them?
They tell you a sob story – hunger, or poverty – would you take them at their word for it?
Think twice before you come knocking on my door; there’s always a cost that’s incurred for it.

They shouldn’t try to come into our country illegally – that’s in the first place.
Once you step over the border but were not invited, prepare for the worst case.
You’ll find conditions are better here than back at home, if your standards are kept low.
Look on the bright side: will you need your swim trunks, or worry that you’ve overslept? No.

Once again, Fake News portrays an account of conditions that I’m calling phony.
Children got scabies and shingles and chickenpox. (Were they expecting a pony?)
Border Patrol does a great job, considering Democrats won’t change the loopholes.
Nancy Pelosi and Cryin’ Chuck Schumer – it’s their fault we’ve got empty soup bowls.

I want the press to go in and see just what conditions are like for these people.
Show the Fake News all the true sights and sounds – and the smells, best described here as “fecal.”
No one except me, not even the Congress, is willing to step up and cry, “Halt!”
Even though all of this happened since I was elected, but none of it’s my fault.

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