Knock Some Census Into Us

I disagree with everyone who says that I am wrong here:
One question on the census will just ask if you belong here.
That judge has made a big mistake if he thinks that I’m kiddin’ when
I want to know just who is, and is not, a legal citizen.

Despite a statement issued by my Commerce guy – that’s Ross –
I’ve made it clear that he is not in charge, and I’m the boss.
Attorneys for the DOJ were also caught flat-footed.
That acronym (it’s “FUBAR”) is another way to put it.

There’s many things the census, handled my way, soon could teach us –
But once again a court has said my argument’s facetious.
To learn who’s here illegally we’ve got to get much better at,
Since those folks, by the busload, all consistently vote Democrat.

Since my desire in asking this is all but unassailable
The DOJ looks for a path that’s “legally available.”
Although Chief Justice Roberts called our reasoning contrived,
He didn’t flat out say, “No way!” – so efforts are revived.

And while there is a deadline to print forms we may have missed,
I’ll make folks push it back since it is clear that I am pissed.
I want my base to see that I can confidently handle this
(Unlike conditions in detention centers, which are scandalous).

We tried to claim this question would ensure folks’ voting rights.
Since that’s not true, on this concern we’ll keep promoting fights.
Forget the courts and law; I’ll use executive authority
To squeeze out Dems – achieving a Republican majority.

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