A Weak Week

I most likely wouldn’t rape her, since I don’t think she’s my type.
When I said that: mouths agape, sure. But, please – don’t believe the hype.
Every man has got a vision of a woman when he’s dreamin’;
I used words with imprecision: she’s not worthy of my semen.

But enough about this lady and those other chick accusers;
They line up to say they laid me – even though they look like losers.
I prefer my women supple (and don’t care about consent).
Afterwards, once we uncouple, they’re unsure of my intent.

I would rather speak of Mueller and the texts that he deleted
‘Til my face is red with color over how I’ve been mistreated.
That way I am not discussing migrant children without soap,
Or those judges – almost cussing how I’ve made kids give up hope.

I’ll instead berate Rapinoe and use Twitter to chastise her.
And, of course, I’m sure that we know my response did not surprise her.
In conclusion: it’s apparent I’m subsumed with such inanity.
Is my panic that transparent? My hold’s slipping on my sanity.

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