I Foreign Soiled Myself

While in Japan, I offered this:
Agreement with Kim Jong-un’s dis.
He spoke insultingly of Biden
(Who disdain for I’m not hidin’).

The slur? A “fool of low I.Q.”
But that alone just wouldn’t do.
I called the ex-V.P. a “Swampman.”
So much for Circumstance (dash) Pomp and

Politics stop at water’s edge,
Or so politicos allege.
But I am not a politician,
Therefore – won’t express contrition.

Sided with a vile dictator;
Also served as Kim’s translator.
“Idiot” the word he offered –
I related something softer.

Biden leads in all the polling;
Narrative he is controlling.
He’ll be center of attention
Up until the Dem convention.

I don’t like to share the spotlight.
Narcissistic? That you’ve got right.
In the Land of Rising Sun, I
Kept on my opponent one eye.

While abroad, do not speak ill of.
But I could not shake the thrill of
Throwing virtue out the window
As I stood right next to Shinzo.

Screw what passes for decorum –
I’ll insult in any forum.
Any time, for any reason.
But don’t insult me – that’s treason.

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