A Pregnant Pause

Not an issue during midterms – but now in a sudden flurry
New abortion laws are passing in Ohio and Missouri.
The Republicans in charge in these red states are trying to forge a
New approach to overturning Roe v. Wade, along with Georgia.

There’s a common theme emerging within all these legislatures:
Every pregnancy’s untouchable, since it’s the way of Nature.
These politicos are nearly all white men, if not exclusive,
But a voice to speak for women has, for most part, been elusive.

I once claimed to be pro-choice, but over time that’s not been proven.
Now I’m firmly in the Right-to-Life camp; just a few exclusions:
The result of rape or incest, that’s OK in my opinion.
Otherwise – a woman’s body can’t be thought as her dominion.

As I and others draw the line at Alabama’s statute,
It’s a ploy to make us look like reasoned people – isn’t that cute?
Overturning Roe v. Wade our goal (as if you didn’t notice),
That’s why I’ve worked with the Senate and we’ve stacked the deck on SCOTUS.

While the polls show most think this step should be safe, legal and rare,
It’s quite clear that Roe’s a law for which my base just does not care.
To eliminate abortion is a winner, I have reckoned,
Leaving women in a class all of their own, which I call “second-.”

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