Always And Foreign Ever

North Korea’s shooting missiles; China’s renegotiating.
From agreements prior, they both seem to be dissociating.
Kim Jong-un’s my BFF, and Xi just sent a lovely letter –
I remained convinced, despite the evidence, things will get better.

Kim and I are close and just a year ago he promised me
He’d cut out long-range missile tests. I so admired his honesty;
A pathway to de-nuking. I had told the world we’d hatched a plan,
But now he’s firing short-range with a flightpath headed toward Japan.

As far as China goes – again, I felt some promises were made,
But then Xi pissed me off, and so I launched a war all based on trade.
I’m hiking tariffs and no matter just how many times I say it,
Costs are borne not by Chinese, but all U.S. consumers pay it.

My bag has just one trick in it: I’ll walk. (A very small, defined set.)
Seems I don’t have insight into any foreign leader’s mindset.
Even though a Nobel winner’s something that I wanna be,
No nomination’s come through yet for peace or the economy.

I ran for office touting there’s none better at hardball persuading,
Yet the prospects for agreements with these nations seem fast fading.
Can I seal the deals with Xi and Kim and tout them as successes?
Your opinion’s just as good as mine, since outcomes here are guesses.

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