Taxing Your Patience

Another bombshell revelation, all about my business losses.
More Fake News from New York Times reporters and their vicious bosses.
While I quickly sent a tweet about this story and decried it,
Notably, within my rant, you will not see where I denied it.

“It was sport,” I said about these losses for tax purposes;
Write-offs and depreciation from my wayward purchases.
I was not alone here – all the other wealthy moguls do it.
I’m not even certain why the failing Times chose to pursue it.

Ten years’ worth of losses, thirty years ago; a billion-plus.
I don’t think that is extraordinary – do you? Please discuss.
I have always said from tax returns you really won’t learn much.
True dat – other sources used here showing I did not earn much.

Everybody knows I love to traffic in hyperbole,
But here’s truth for once: nobody’s ever lost as much as me.
Real estate can lead to crazy times; for me, it’s really been some.
Eight of ten years I did not pay fed’ral taxes on my income.

All I did was figure out some ways that I could minimize
The taxes I would have to pay through legal sheltering, and lies.
I love to brag about the ways I manage to manipulate,
But letting someone comb through my returns? I’ll never stipulate.

For most, preparing taxes – going one-by-one through each receipt –
Is stressful. Let me share the method I have learned: it’s called deceit.
I’ve long portrayed myself as a successful businessman. Instead, you
Now are learning – just as all my bankers did – how I’ve misled you.

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