Barr-room Brawl

William Barr
The letter that Bob Mueller sent me was snitty –
As if in a wringer he had a stuck titty.
I don’t think Bob wrote it; was likely a flunkie:
The font was too small, and the syntax was clunky.

I spent several hours with Judiciary.
It wasn’t a cake walk; some questions got hairy.
For my reputation, it wasn’t restorative:
I said I don’t find the word “spying” pejorative.

The questions Republicans asked didn’t faze me;
I tried to look humble as some of them praised me.
But later it practically sapped all my stamina:
The grilling I got was relentless from Kamala.

And once again Graham became rather fervent
When one Dem said I was a bad public servant.
Man, Lindsey got almost hysterical there. Why, he
Said I’d been slandered by one from Hawaii.

I split hairs between being “fired” and “removal” –
For that, I earned Senator Feinstein’s reproval.
And once it turned out Mueller’d sent me a letter
Despite prior claims… Well, things didn’t get better.

The GOP members remain stuck on Clinton:
They called for her head. It was blatant, no hintin’.
And Senator Graham went nuts – I believe he
Got worked up and blurted the f-word on TV.

I tried to stand strong against questions relentless;
My facial expression implied, “I resent this.”
As fires were lit, I tried hard to douse embers…
It’s still to be seen if I’ll meet with House members.

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