Pain In The Asylum

I’ve reached a milestone no Prez before me has: 10,000 lies.
Next up: convert asylum to a profit-making enterprise.
This onslaught of illegals hasn’t stopped, and it has got me seething:
Huddled masses may still choose to yearn, but now we’ll charge for breathing.

Let’s assess a fee for those who come here and request asylum.
I think it’s a great idea – among my very best, aside from
This one thing: the people who are coming here are poor as church mice.
So… a fee for working papers, also! (Note to self: research price.)

William Barr and Kevin McAleenan have been given orders:
90 days to implement these processes at all our borders.
All these fraudsters coming in cause problems of their own volition;
They think this is Disneyland – well, even there you’re charged admission.

Also, let’s adjudicate asylum cases within six months;
Shysters hand them all a card and say, “Just read the words on this.” Once
We can rush them through the process, we can hasten their eviction.
All their claims of so-called “suffering” if sent home are pure fiction.

Everything I’ve tried so far to stem the tide, upon reflection,
Hasn’t been successful (and may undermine my re-election).
Now the choice I have in front of me: respond here with compassion,
Or (and this may not surprise you) – seize this chance I have to cash in.

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