Putting Spin On The Serve

We’re going to fight the subpoenas,
Since I find myself jammed between a
Hard place and man named Elijah.
The short hairs he’s now got me by the.

I’ll also ignore Jerry Nadler.
And Nancy Pelosi – I’ll rattle her.
I’ll go to the Court if I gotta;
Dems batter me like a piñata.

I thought, “There’s no way they’ll impeach me,”
When word from the A.G. first reached me.
But once the report hit the printer,
The narrative started to splinter.

The Dems only hope to embarrass me,
Since my approach borders on heresy:
A look into all my finances?
I won’t permit briefest of glances.

These claims of executive privilege
Are leading us right to the cliff’s edge.
Three branches, with powers separated?
I’ll keep mine; the others – castrated.

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