Any Report In A Storm

I was not charged with collusion – though collusion’s not a crime.
(Wasn’t charged with speeding, either.) But that doesn’t mean that I’m
Out of the woods with these obstruction charges. Wait ‘til Congress weighs in.
While no laws may have been broken – some of this shit sure looks brazen.

As I told the White House counsel: Robert Mueller has to go.
When I asked him to deny it to the press; McGahn said: “No.”
I told Rosenstein to say was his idea to fire Comey;
He said: “That’s a bad idea and you can’t make me do it, homey.”

Sarah Sanders told the world she’d heard from all the rank and file
Within the FBI that Comey stunk; by countless was reviled.
Yet she told the special counsel ’twas a mere slip of the tongue:
Just another in a list of things she’s said, all full of dung.

Seems my misplaced trust in one guy may have led to his betrayal:
I asked Don McGahn to do some crazy shit (that’s his portrayal).
When I told him to have Mueller fired he hemmed and hawed with hesitancy;
His refusal here may very well have saved my presidency.

Reports I once called “fake news” – proven largely to be true.
William Barr’s description of the outcomes here – you must eschew.
I’ve disrupted many balances and checks upon our nation,
And I’ve made it clear I do not understand “exoneration.”

If the Democrats acquire a copy that’s been unredacted,
Then the battle over my behavior sure will be protracted.
Mueller wanted Congress to step in? That seems to be one theory, and
Impeachment – Yes or No? The Dems’ dilemma here: Shakespearean.

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