A River Of Denial

This crisis at the border – every day I make a mention;
I make crazy-talk suggestions, which just ratchet up the tension.
I say catch and then release is not a viable solution
Since asylum’s a big con job; they’re all faking persecution.

William Barr has done a great job as he runs my interference.
His pronouncements are precise, whereas I offer incoherence.
He directs the DOJ to follow policies draconian
And twists the rule of law to make it ours and ours alone again.

The latest step he’s taken is to order all the judges
To keep migrants locked in jail – without exception, winks or nudges.
Whereas prior to this ruling, those whose fears were ruled as credible
Could be released on bail. I found that standard most regrettable.

The outcome that I hope for with this policy reversal
Will discourage future caravans; result in their dispersal.
Instead of a safe harbor, we will act as migrants’ jailer.
Then they’ll enter the time-honored way: packed in a tractor-trailer.

A year ago last February I turned down an offer;
Would have placed twenty-five billion for the wall into my coffer.
I rejected it – but won’t admit I overplayed my hand.
I keep acting like a tough guy as more come into our land.

All the Dems are on vacation, so I’ve called for their return.
Seems like every dumb idea I advance, those losers spurn.
Now the ball is in their court; at least I’m taking that position,
While ignoring this disaster’s largely of my own volition.

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