Lien On Me

Some within the Congress want to see my taxes: Nope!
I don’t want them examined under any microscope.
Plus they’re too complex; the math will throw them for a loop. It
Means that I and Sarah Sanders think these Democrats are stupid.

The Ways and Means Committee says authority is theirs.
I doubt if when they look that they’ll be willing to split hairs.
As I have said for years: I can’t release while under audit.
(The IRS says that’s not true, and no one else has bought it.)

I say nobody cares about my taxes any longer.
You think I will release without a fight? You can’t be wronger.
I’ve backed away from what I said in making prior promises,
And don’t care if it brings I told you so‘s from doubting Thomases.

My taxes are complex, and there’s a chance that problems might arise
If any of my enemies poke into how I itemize.
I don’t care what the tax code says, and screw Congress’s oversight.
(The truth: I didn’t claim some pots I won on Trump Tower Poker Night.)

I claimed that I was proud of what was found in my 1040 form,
But that’s before the tax cut had initiated more reform.
The Dems may wonder, as the President, if I am benefitting
From that program I pushed through (if so, within their pants they’re shitting).

The Dems say they’re entitled to obtain six years of filings,
But I’ll fight them tooth and nail – perhaps we’ll see just what a trial brings.
If the public ever sees all my deductions (they’re substantial)
I might risk being indicted with some crimes that are financial.

It’s yet another fight that you can tell how much my heart is in:
Despite decades of precedent, I say this action’s partisan.
If cheating on my taxes leads to charges yet arisen
Then I might cop to obstruction – since I’d spend less time in prison.

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