The “Tempest-Tost” Are Toast

Our country is full; there is no room remaining.
At least, that’s my motto as I start campaigning.
The crisis I’m trying to sell is quite simple:
We’re ready to burst like an over-ripe pimple.

I went to the border and told all the agents:
“Don’t let migrants in; I have run out of patience.”
Say, “Sorry!” if judges attempt to impede you.
Ignore the law – your favorite Pres won’t mislead you!

These people who ask for asylum are hoaxers,
Like those who use vape pens, yet claim they’re non-smokers.
Immigrant children fed misinformation
As parents claim Disneyland’s their destination.

My promise that I won’t again break up families
Is thin as the thread holding up sword of Damocles.
I lost brownie points when I put kids in cages,
And if I repeat I’ll risk paying sin’s wages.

But make no mistake – things are going to get tougher.
You come here illegally, you’re bound to suffer.
I’m telling the truth here; not being dishonest, and
Good luck getting into the new Broken Promised Land.

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