Let He Who Has Rescind

Our country is full now, so please turn around – your asylum no longer is granted.
For those who have dreamed of a better life here – I guess you now will be disenchanted.
Please save your sob stories – nobody is welcome (unless you’ve got H-2B visas).
No room at the inn left for Joseph and Mary; tough luck for you, too, Baby Jesus.

These migrants show up, then they turn left or right – all the border guards say, “They sneak past us!”
The lesson from history found here: walls work best. They’re effective, a great apparatus.
I care not at all for your reason for fleeing; the level of your desperation.
A tougher direction we’re headed in; hence Kirstjen Neilsen’s abrupt resignation.

I took a hard line in the past, which resulted in forced separation of family.
And although we cannot keep track of the kids, I’m prepared to re-launch this calamity.
I want to get rid of the judges who rule on these migrants’ requests for asylum.
Perhaps in the past we let outsiders in, but that’s changing now: we must revile ‘em.

“A nation of immigrants,” Kennedy said. But no longer – such sweet dreams are thwarted.
They send us their worst, all the ones they don’t want. Like my grandfather – he was deported.
The Prince of Bavaria had him kicked out, since between them developed some friction:
A family tradition that I carried on, as he tried to get out of conscription.

A senior advisor of mine – Stephen Miller – is pushing for this tougher angle.
I’m willing to risk this may muddy our stripes; leave our banner a bit less star-spangled.
As long as we keep all these foreigners out, at least all of those who are Hispanic,
(And also the Muslims) then all will be great; there’s no need for the white folks to panic.

No longer can you just show up, ask for entry – you’ll have to apply in advance.
And if you’re shipped back to the hellhole you came from, remember my words here: “Bon chance!”
A humanitarian crisis unfolding – which I’m treating as an invasion.
And here’s my response to those voicing dissent: you can go practice self-fornication.

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