Promises, Promises

I’ll wait on the Mexican border a year, and on healthcare – a year and a half.
Political calculus crucial right here, yet it seems I can’t handle the math.
I really did not think these vital things through;
It makes it look like I don’t know what to do.
They’re two bad decisions that I’ll bid adieu and will pin fault on my Chief of Staff.

My taxes have been under audit forever and I’m not inclined to release ‘em.
And now some committee chair thinks that he’s clever and makes a move so he can seize ‘em.
Remember, just last month, that snitch Michael Cohen
Told Congress there’s likely more money I’m owin’.
I’ll do what I can to keep people from knowin’ since I have no plan to appease ‘em.

Bob Mueller completed his witch hunt at last and I quickly claimed I’d been exonerated.
The Democrats, down to a man, were aghast – and Pelosi: the letdown upon her weighted.
But now comes word Barr summarized things too fast;
Skipped over obstruction, with evidence vast.
I thought that the cloud hanging over me passed; my elation now feeling more moderated.

I pushed for security clearances and overruled dozens that were denied.
I cared not about the appearances; just wanted Jared right there by my side.
But then claims were made by a lone whistleblower
Who raised a red flag; then her boss said, “I’ll show her.”
And, though she is short, tried to make her feel lower. In Congress she now will confide.

I went after Barbara Bush recently, saying I heard that, to me, she was nasty.
It’s like I have no sense of decency; can’t ever let any bygones go past. She
Is quoted as saying that I kinda killed her.
Perhaps – but I sure left her two sons bewildered.
Quite honestly, I am not thrilled her new book lets her reach from beyond to harass me.

I open my mouth and then out spills the crazy, but crazy I am like a fox.
My grasp of the facts about most things is hazy; my modus is unorthodox.
And yet I continue to dominate newscasts,
Maintaining approval from all my enthusiasts.
And woe to those with whom my views clash, since I’ve become known as the POTUS who mocks.

But lately it seems I’m a bit more confused; intellectual prowess diminished.
For some actions past where I might be excused, people now ask, “Is Donald Trump finished?”
My recent behavior suggests less capacity,
And more of a likelihood I’ll make an ass of me.
It’s clear that I’m lacking veracity; clock’s running out on behavior this bumpkin-ish.

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